Sri Bhuvanendra Residential School


Hostel Facility

There is a hostel for boys and girls that can comfortably accommodate 200 students. At present there are 149 students staying in the hostel in which 119 are boys and 30 are girls


Hostel is running good under the supervision of the Warden in association with the teachers who are staying in the Hostel. Resident teachers are entrusted with the care of children who reside in the hostel. There is provision for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Care is taken in the food department to ensure quality and serve clean, delicious and nutritious food. Coaching classes for the slow learners is provided to all the students. The hostel students utilize the school facilities like library and computers in the evening hours. The hostlers have relaxing hours with movies and funny games.

Things to be brought by the Student
  • Daily wear Hand kerchiefs Bath towel
    Bucket Mug Tooth Paste
    Tooth Brush Tounge Cleaner Nail Cutter
    All Season Hawai Slipper Shoe Polish Umbrella
    Bath Room Slipper Mosquito Net Suit Case
    Shoe Shine Brush School Bag Air Bag
    Torch will cells Water Bottle Bath Soap
    Bed Sheet ( 2) Bed Spread (2) Washing Soap
    Hair Oil Comb  
    Inland letters with proper self address
Remember the Followings
  • Please note the followings:

    Eatables are not allowed.
    Collarless T-shirts are not allowed.
    Sleeveless dresses are not allowed.
    Mini dresses are not allowed.
    The articles other than mentioned in the right will not be permitted.
    Any change in Address for correspondance, Mobile Number of the parent / Guardian and Land line Number should be intimated to the school without fail.
    Ensure that the initial of the child must be painted or stitched on all the dress and articles for identification purposes.
Hostel Timing
Period Morning Period Evening
05-30  Rise 04-10 To 04-30 Refreshment
05-45 To 05-55  Prayer 04-30 To 05-30 Games
06-00 To 06-30 Exercise/ Yoga 05-30 To 06-00 Bath and Change
06-30 To 06-40 Bed Coffee 06-00 To 06-15 Prayer
06-40 To 07-30 Bath & Change 06-15 To 08-15 Study
07-30 To 08-15 Study 08-15 To 09-00 Dinner
08-15 Break Fast 09-00 To 09-30 Library
08-35 School 09-30 To 10-00 Leisure
    10-00 Lights Off
Rules and Regulations of the Hostel
Parents are allowed to talk with their children/ward over the telephone once a week on mentioned day.
Parents should not allow their wards to keep valuable jewels and money with them.
Visitors are not allowed to enter the hostel without prior permission of the warden.
The wards are not permitted to leave the hostel and go out without the prior approval of the Warden/Principal.
All the students should strictly follow the instructions given by the Warden.
Hostellers must report immediately to the Warden/Principal about their sickness or any other problems.
Hostellers must respect one another and maintain cordial relations.
Punctuality is essential at all times.
All the hostellers must attend Hostel prayer.
Stringent action will be taken against those who write on the walls /study tables/books or those who spoil mattresses.
Students should keep their rooms clean and their belongings in order.
Students are not to get up from their respective places during their study hours unless there is a genuine reason, and with the permission from the Leader/Warden.
Any physical or mental torture to their fellow students or resident students or ragging in any form will be severely dealt with which may include dismissal from the institution.
Stationery items supplied by the school should be used with great care.
Students must be on time for the assembly at 8.50 a.m. Those who come to school before 8.50 a.m. should occupy their respective seats in the classroom and spend the time in useful activities
On the teacher's arrival in the classroom the students must rise and remain standing till they greet the teacher.
Students must wear school uniform on all working days.
Every student is expected to greet the members of the staff when he meets them on the first occasion of the day.
Aimless loitering in the corridors will be seriously dealt with.
Parents are expected to attend the parent-teacher meetings organized in the school whenever they are invited for the same, (usually on the reopening day in June & after midterm vacation)
Student should not lose the school calendar. In case of loss, a new copy on payment should be procured.
Attendance on re-opening day after each vacation is compulsory. Any violation of this will be seriously dealt with.



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